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On Earth there was a change of seasons

Global warming is making major changes, this was to be expected.

08.Apr.16 9:17 AM
By Abigail Richards


On Earth there was a change of seasons
According to French scientists, the Earth has been a change in the seasons. And, the reason for this is global warming, which gradually makes serious adjustments to the environment and all living things. The specialists say that every year, these changes are more noticeable.

Scientists say that earlier, just a few years ago, the seasons "were taking their" rights as expected, the fall began in September, winter in December, spring in March, summer in June, now it's a bit different. Special calculations, which was made by French scientists, showed that now warm weather in Europe is set at least ten days earlier than it was once. And this, according to experts, is not entirely surprising and unusual, that one would expect, global warming has serious "opportunities and actively use them".

French researchers noted that the rate of air pollution, you should try to reduce that global warming has not been as active and visible, otherwise the consequences could be serious now if only a slight change of time of year, soon the seasons can just be swapped.

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