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On a global level, underestimate the Russian economy

Experts: "We can observe the state of the Russian economy as stable."

03.Apr.17 3:18 AM
By Nikolai Vinogradov


On a global level, underestimate the Russian economy
Sergey Shatirov, one of the representatives of the Federation Council, expressed his opinion about the economic situation in the country, he said that the pace of the Russian economy in Russia is undervalued by experts at the international level, evidenced by the performance of the organization, "Fitch", which confirmed the economic growth of Russia and the level of stability.

"We can assess the state of the Russian economy as stable. The economy goes through growth" - as reported in the government.

At the global level, many countries underestimate the current state and potential of the Russian economy. The government believes that the current year will show a steady growth and reliability of economy of the Russian Federation. Current performance will be able to rise to a higher level that will affect the level of Russia in the international ratings agencies.

Specialists have noted that in the industrial sector in the past year, productivity growth rose by 3.2 %. This figure exceeds the level of industrial growth in countries with higher investment growth.

It should be noted that Russia plays the role of stabilizer in the cost of hydrocarbons on the market.

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