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Traces of water found on Mars

At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

Olga Viluhina preparing for the season on the individual program

Konovalov told about Russian biathletes prepare for the season.

24.Nov.15 10:30 AM
By Irina Kliachina


Olga Viluhina preparing for the season on the individual program
According to the senior coach of the women's team of Russia Sergey Konovalov, Olga Viluhinoy physical form is far from ideal.

"According to Ole Viluhinoy situation is: somewhere it is a little bit hard to adapt to the high requirements in the national team. Therefore, it is to a greater extent on the individual program is in preparation. Olya performed, the athlete feels confident enough, and I think it is no problem. "

As for the other biathletes Russian national team, the coach admitted that he does not have close contact with Catherine Yurlov.

"With Catherine Yurlov our relationship is not entirely constant, but we maintain contact. It is prepared, and will be performing at the World Cup as the champion of last year. "

At the same time, yesterday in the Norwegian Beitostolen, a second control training Russian men's team. It is worth noting that the best time in the sprint at 10 km with four shooting range, as well as two days earlier in the race with two boundaries showed Anton Shipulin. The second result with two penalties Anton Babikova third - Eugene Garanichev, three penalties.
Recall, the first stage of the Biathlon World Cup in Ostersund Sweden kicks off on 29 November.

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