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John McAfee death was a suicide, autopsy confifms

John McAfee's relatives will finally bury him now

Oil issue has been resolved until 2024

"The main thing restoration of oil supplies. Already on Tuesday the restored stream will go at the rate of 24 million tons per year," said Semashko.

17.Apr.17 6:33 AM
By Christina Orlina


Oil issue has been resolved until 2024
He recalled that before formally Belarus had the right to processing 24 million tons of Russian oil, but in fact the tube of Belarus received 23 million tons and 1 million tons could get by rail. But the rates are so high that it was a symbolic law, said the Prime Minister. Wheel oil was more expensive by $ 60 to $ 70 per ton, so it was not profitable to buy it.

Now Belarus will be able to get all 24 million tons, having about 93 million dollars in 2017. In addition, Minsk has had a commitment to deliver 1 million tonnes of gasoline to Russia, which was also expensive. "Now Russian refineries upgraded," said the Prime Minister. "Until 2024, the problem is solved", concluded Vladimir Semashko.

Sides signed a price agreement and an agreement on the functioning of the company "Gazprom transgaz Belarus". "Belarus has guaranteed certain operating rules of already fully foreign enterprise", he said, without going into details.

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