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Official Archive of the Government of Great Britain wants to use the blockchain

This is one of the few projects of the department.

07.Jun.18 11:57 PM
By Jason Brideslow


Official Archive of the Government of Great Britain wants to use the blockchain
The research program, called Archangel, is headed by the University of Surrey and has partners such as the Open Data Institute. Among other objectives, the initiative will be to examine the extent to which a blockchain can solve the pressing problems associated with card index management.

In a blog published on Tuesday, Alex Greene, Director of Digital Archives Service, wrote: "How can we demonstrate that the note you see now is the same record that was entrusted to the file cabinet 20 years ago? How do we ensure that citizens continue to see archives as trusted custodians of digital public records? The project is exploring how we can find out that the digital record was modified and was it legitimate? "

"In particular, the project explores how you can use the blockchain to achieve this," Greene added.

ARCHANGEL offers a period of 18 months. According to him, he is tuned to a prototype of the service that will "assemble reliable digital signatures derived from digitized physical and digital content."

The study is funded by the Research Council of Engineers and Physical Sciences, which invests more than 800 million annually in fields such as mathematics, materials science, and information technology.

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