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OddsFan: betting odds comparison service

Why OddsFan?

02.Jun.17 10:50 PM


OddsFan: betting odds comparison service

OddsFan: betting odds comparison service

OddsFan provides clients with relevant information on 75 bookmakers all over the world. You can monitor and compare odds making profitable bets.

Why OddsFan?

Going through the bookmaker offers, you may analyze the information you’ve gathered in your favour. And the best thing is you don't have to constantly roam the Internet. The OdssFan service assembles all the bookies in one place. You just select any sport, league and country you like and instantly get a result on actual horse racing odds at given bookmakers. All data are structured and daily updated. The information is presented in the form of a table enhancing its perception. All you have to do is to pick out the best offer and make a bet.

The service allows you to eliminate the bookies that are not priority for you. Enable the filter on the sidebar menu and select the bookmakers you like. Thus, You’ll see only those bookmakers odds you have chosen.

Let’s examine it on the example. You need to compare soccer odds on La Liga matches.

Dealing with the service

Easy and fast navigation enables you to see the odds on the game you like within seconds. Let’s imagine you to compare the odds on the English league events. Open a sidebar menu, select country - England, and league. Afterwards, you’ll see the page and the table with odds on various event results. You have to click the name of the event and switch pages to see information on the particular game. The tabs with current available markets will open. OddsFan enables you to activate bookmaker filter and watch only top priority bookies. Such an approach facilitates your work and saves you a great deal of time.

OddsFan’s Pros

  • Covers 75 bookmakers;
  • Events from 80 world countries;
  • Convenient interface, clear even for a newbie;
  • Live & Prematch;
  • Wide money line - 150 sports markets;
  • Switching between events in less than a second;
  • Relevant and daily updated information.

Add-on of the number of bookmakers, new sports and markets are the OddsFan top priorities. You only profit when you with OddsFan! service is constantly growing. So far users have access to 150 sport markets. There are plans to add even more bookmakers, sports and markets in the near future. Working with us will give you an opportunity to analyze the horse racing odds and track down the line. You’d have enormous chances to become a sports expert. You see the real picture of money line opening up for you.

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