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Oanda announced its intention to enter the Asian cryptocurrency market

The company will start trading from Bitcoin through CFD.

07.May.18 5:04 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


Oanda announced its intention to enter the Asian cryptocurrency market

It became known that one of the oldest exchange companies - the Oanda exchange announced the entry into the Asian crypto-exchange market. It is reported that the company will start trading bitcoins through CFD.

Bitcoin (Bitcoin) was introduced on the exchange's website in 2013, but the management of the company thought about it only recently. The reason that Oanda starts operations with cryptocurrencies is the ever-growing demand from retail investors in Japan and South Korea.

For these purposes, the stock exchange was recently acquired by CVC Capital Partners, with the help of this purchase it is planned to organize the competition for Asian market participants. According to the management of Oanda, the beginning of digital currency trading was preceded by lengthy consultations with CVC Capital Partners, and various schemes of work within the company were tested. 

Recall that the company OANDA was registered in 1996 as a brokerage firm, by 2001 OANDA Forex was one of the first companies that offered private traders a professional terminal that opens access to all favorite tools and ensures high quality of trading conditions. Currently, the stock exchange has its branches in such cities as Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney and New Delhi.

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