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Number of Smokers Reduced in Russia over the Last Few Years

Level of alcohol consumption has also decreased a lot.

30.Mar.15 3:43 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


Number of Smokers Reduced in Russia over the Last Few Years
According to the latest statistics the number of Russian smokers has reduced over the last few years. Such statistics was provided by Rosstat agency. It shows that percentage of adult smokers in Russia has decreased during 2008-2013 from 33.7% to 28.3%.

As it is said on the official website of Russian government such statistics resulted in efficient anti-tobacco campaign. This made it possible to reduce the number of smokers between teenagers who are over 15. The number of those who decided to give up this nasty habit increased from 61.8% up to 63.4% within 3 years.

According to new anti-smoking law citizens are not allowed smoking on territory of schools, universities, cultural and sporting establishments, children’s playgrounds, hospitals and the majority of public places as well as in public transport.

At the same time it is noted that the level of alcohol consumption has also decreased in Russia. It reduced by 4.6 liters per person during 2008-2013. In addition number of deaths caused by alcoholic poisoning have also went d own to 8.9 on 100 thousand citizens. This rate was 9.7 last year.

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