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Novosibirsk Scientists created new Antidepressant

New medication will have fewer side effects.

14.Jan.15 1:01 PM
By Lubov Kovaleva


Novosibirsk Scientists created new Antidepressant
Scientists from Novosibirsk invented new type of antidepressants. It is supposed to have fewer side effects in comparison with other medications.

Pilot version of the drug is called TS-2153. Numerous experiments and researches have been made by specialists and experts of Institute of Cytology and Genetics of Russian Academy of Sciences in cooperation with Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry.     

Developers are hoping that new medication will be safer and less harmful in comparison with already existing drugs. The main goal is to make it have as few side effects as possible.

“TS-2153 is on preclinical trials period at the moment. However researches are hoping that it will successfully pass all experiments and examinations and will make it possible to cure different diseases connected with psychological health problems”, - say experts of Institute of Cytology and Genetics.

New medication has a positive effect on mechanism that deal with producing serotonin. It is necessary to cope with stress and depression. Scientists are not sure if new drug will have a positive influence on human organism. More experiments and researches are necessary for that. If everything will run smoothly, new medication will be available on stock not earlier than in 5-10 years.

More than 20% of population in developed countries is suffering from clinical form of depression.

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