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Norway stock market has fallen, Oslo OBX decreased by 0,34%

Norway stock market has closed on Wednesday with a fall against the negative dynamic in energy, utilities, and production sectors.

04.Jan.17 12:18 PM
By Anna Tuzova


Norway stock market has fallen, Oslo OBX decreased by 0,34%
At the closure of the Oslo stock market Oslo OBX has fallen by 0,34%.

Among the growth champions in the Oslo OBX Index according to today’s bidding results were Telenor (OL:TEL), which has risen 2,4 points (1,82%), closing at 134,5.Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA (OL:NWC) quotations grown by 3,8 points (1,30%), closing at 296,6. DNB (OL:DNB) securities gained 1,3 points which is 1,00% of their price, closing at 130,8.

Seadrill Ltd (OL:SDRL) traded in the red, their price lost 1,8 points (5,51%), closing at 30,3. Petrol Geo-serv (OL:PGS) have grown by 1,33 points (4,39%), and Statoil ASA (OL:STL) have declined by 3,4 points (2,09%) and closed the bidding at the mark of 159,5.

The amount of securities that became cheaper (113) has exceeded the number of securities that were ‘in the black’ (68), 22 stocks’ quotations remained virtually unchanged.

WTI February future gained 1,53%, or 0,80, reaching the mark of $53,13 per barrel. As to other goods, March Brent contract prices has grown by 1,46% (0,81) to $56,28 per barrel. February gold futures prices gained 0,33% (3,85) to the mark of $1.165,85 per a troy ounce.

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