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North Korea cut off from the global economic syste

Kim Jong UN was in complete isolation.

08.Mar.17 10:39 PM
By Catherine Brooke


North Korea cut off from the global economic syste
Wednesday, 8 March, North Korea cut off from global financial system. To be specific, the banks in this country cooperating with other international financial institutions, disconnected from the system of interbank payments SWIFT. Thus, North Korea now can't pay any of the international services to send remittances and to do other banking transactions. In fact, the country under the leadership of Kim Jong UN was in complete isolation.

It is worth noting that we are talking about the banks included in the sanctions list of the UN. It is through them the country was calculations with the outside world. North Korean banks from the SWIFT cut at the insistence of the authorities of Belgium and the headquarters of the system. All banks in North Korea, who perform any external operation made the list, it is not known yet.

We will remind, now concerning the DPRK operates the most rigid sanctions from the United Nations, other international organizations and the vast number of countries in the world because of nuclear weapons. Country, contrary to all international laws, develops and tests the deadly weapons on its territory. The latest tightening of sanctions took place in late 2016 after the world community has learned about the fifth test of a nuclear bomb on the territory of the DPRK.

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