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Nominees for “Nika” Award has Been Officially Announced

Leviathan will also have a chance to take part in this competition.

04.Mar.15 7:58 PM
By Yulia Anikina
Photo КиноПоиск.ru


Nominees for “Nika” Award has Been Officially Announced
We finally have an official list of all nominees which will take part in competition for prestigious Russian movie award.

Here are this films which are nominated for “Nika”:

“Leviathan” (directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev);
“Hard to Be a God” (directed by Aleksey German);
“The Postman's White Nights” (directed by Andrey Konchalovski);
“Test” (directed by Alexander Kott);
“The Fool” (directed by Yuri Bykov).

According to available information the winner will be determined with the help of election that will consist of two stages. The first stage of election has already been launched. Abovementioned list was formed according to votes of respondents and critics. The last stage of election will take place till the end of March.

It should be noted that the first “Nika” award found its owner in 1988. The award was founded by Yuliy Gusman who is also its creative director and permanent host.

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