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Nokia tests Blockchain in the field of protection of health data

Finnish communications giant Nokia has announced a new blockchain pilot aimed at developing new ways of storing data on healthcare.

06.Dec.17 3:00 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Nokia tests Blockchain in the field of protection of health data

In a press release on its website, Nokia announced that it had launched a project with OP Financial Group. One hundred participants are taking part in the tender to check how they could store and share their health data, as well as enjoy confidentiality around this information.

According to the Nokia website, companies are using a blockchain because of the security features that it offers. The software allows the company to control access to collected data, providing access only to the verified parties.

The program uses wearable devices to track daily steps and sleep hours, storing this data on a blockchain. These results are compared with the fitness goals of users. Users who meet or make progress in achieving these goals will receive loyalty points depending on their participation in the pilot.

Nokia said that it believes this program can help develop "insights on global health issues" provided that users trust the systems being used, that is.

Nokia was one of many technology firms that joined the Blockchain Hyperledger project run by the Linux Foundation in late 2016.

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