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Noisy Neighbors can be put behind the Bars

Russian State Duma considers new bill that will let police arrest noise neighbors and put them in jail for 15 days.

19.Nov.14 10:51 AM
By Abigail Richards


Noisy Neighbors can be put behind the Bars
State Duma of Russian Federation is considering new project of bill that is related to public peace. In accordance with new bill police has a right to arrest neighbors who are very noisy and put a crimp into peaceful life of the rest of citizens. New law suggests that such administrative violation will be considered as disorderly conduct. The information is provided by “Russian Newspaper”.

Noisy arguments and interference in life of neighbors will be punished. Violators will be fined up to 2 000 rubles. At the same time they can be even put behind the bars for 15-day period in accordance with administrative laws. The Relevant Committee of State Duma has already approved of this initiative.

This bill will consider disorderly conducts as offense and intrusiveness towards other citizens, interference with their peaceful life, damage of their own property, so on and so forth.  

We have already told our readers that Deputies of Lower House of Parliament are preparing a bill that will be related to production and distribution of products that contain alcohol and tobacco. The officials offer to repeat the example of cigarettes which were hidden from consumers. This resulted in decrease of sales. The same thing should be done with alcohol. They6 will be taken away from visibility are of consumers who enter shops.

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