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Nobelium hackers used a childish trick to pwn Microsoft

The weakest point of any system is a human

27.Jun.21 12:41 PM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo Microsoft


Nobelium hackers used a childish trick to pwn Microsoft
Nobelium, the hacker collective behind the SolarWinds attack, accessed Microsoft's customer service tools in the second half of May. According to the tech company, the cybercriminals had limited access.

According to Microsoft, Nobelium was able to infect the computer of one of its customer service agents with malware. In this way, the collective has gained access to the customer service system.

During the break-in, the hackers were able to see contact information about billing and which services customers pay for. Because the employee had limited access rights, Nobelium could not penetrate further into the system. Microsoft has notified the affected customers. The company advises customers to be careful with the communication towards their billing contacts and to consider changing usernames and email addresses.

In May, Microsoft announced that Nobelium had attacked 150 companies in 24 countries. The American and British intelligence services suspect the Russian intelligence and security service SVR to be ultimately responsible for the attack. The Kremlin said they had no information about the hack at the time.

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