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No more application on DACA program, federal judge decides

The decision does not change anything for 650K 'dreamers' already there

18.Jul.21 8:11 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


No more application on DACA program, federal judge decides
A federal judge in the U.S. State of Texas has ruled out new applications from the DACA program. This program protects young adults from deportation if they have been illegally brought into the country by their parents as children.

Judge Andrew Roosen supports the call of several American States to dismantle the DACA program. They believe that the program was created illegally under the presidency of Democratic president Barack Obama in 2012.

Nevertheless, the judge stated that his ruling should not be interpreted as an order for deportation for the already existing participants in the program. This group of 650,000 so-called’ dreamers ' can still dream of regularizing their residence status.

Migrants can obtain special status through the DACA programme. It temporarily protects them from expulsion and gives them the right to work, but not the opportunity to acquire American citizenship.

The verdict of Roosen is yet another move in a battle for the fate of the dreamers. Former President Donald Trump stopped the program in 2017, but was called back by the Supreme Court in November 2020. That ruled at the time that the Trump government's decision was ’arbitrary and incalculable'.

Immediately after taking office, current President Joe Biden ordered the program to be revived and strengthened. The Democrat was Vice President under Obama when the DACA program was set up. He is in favor of a permanent solution for the dreamers: both the current group of young adults and future illegal child migrants should be able to become US citizens, says Biden. A bill that was intended to make it possible for such migrants to become Americans within three years, fell in Congress at the beginning of this year.

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