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No alternative to the supplier

That is the conclusion which could be made after some figures, showing growth in Gazprom’s volume of sales, have been said of by the company’s CEO Alexei Miller.
be done successfully.

06.Jun.16 10:46 PM
By Vladimir Vasiliev
Photo innov


No alternative to the supplier
This time he said only about sales to core markets of Europe and Turkey. That is exactly what some politicians would like to reduce, supposing that western energy balance too much depends on Gazprom’s supplies and declarations of the need to diversify energy supply sources.

“In January-May supplies grew by 10 Bmc or 16.2% compared to the same period of the previous year,” Miller said.

Needs to be pointed out that that quite impressive growth has been slowing down in April and May. But prospects of the supplies increasing in the second half of the year are quite probable.

Despite all doubts, core Europe markets now show remarkable growth in purchasing larger volumes of Russian gas. Specifically, gas supplies to the Germany increased by 10.4%, to the UK sales were up by 91%, Supplies to Poland were up by 35.6%, to France up by 35%. More than that. Greece is continuing to enlarge gas volumes purchased. Growth rate 85.8% for the period of five months. And that is all along with economic problems.

After all that is just business. If supplier is reliable and prices are attractive the deal could be done successfully.

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