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Nizhny Novgorod citizens can offer their own landscaping ideas

“Green Policy of Nizhny Novgorod” will be opened to the public.

24.Jul.14 12:10 PM
By Alexey Kuritsyn


Nizhny Novgorod citizens can offer their own landscaping ideas
The Head Architecture of Nizhny Novgorod Victor Bykov has worked out a special conception of landscaping for the city. It was called “Green policy”. This information was provided by State Administration. The main idea of the policy is to create as many green zones as possible.

“Green Policy” is divided into three main blocks. Every block consists of special measures which are aimed on achieving necessary results.

“We are planning to landscape public places which include Strelka triangle, Pochainsky ravine and territory near Burnakovsky driveway lakes. We are also planning to convert into green areas and landscape pedestrian embankments along small rivers. At the same time all unused territories of the cities will be turned into parks with playgrounds and other facilities for children and adults”.

The main feature of this program is the fact that citizens of Nizhniy Novgorod may take part in it. They may feel free to inform local authorities about abundant spaces and territories and offer their own ideas of landscaping. All information can be sent via email:

All offers and ideas will be taken into consideration.

Those who want to get acquainted with “Green Policy of Nizhny Novgorod” can visit official nizhnynovgorod.rf website in “municipality” section. Follow “City administration” – “structural subdivision” – “Chief Architect Department” – “Current activities”.

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