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Nizhny Novgorod Citizen Entered Leadership of the Great Masonic Lodge

The Great Russian Lodge celebrated its 20th anniversary in Moscow. It is the official masonic organization which is recognized worldwide.

13.Jul.15 12:41 PM
By Svetlana Siuhina


Nizhny Novgorod Citizen Entered Leadership of the Great Masonic Lodge
Representatives of dozen lodges around the world took part in the official ceremony.

Though being rather closed Russian masonry has impressed with its celebration according to photos from social networks published by Russian politic Andrey Bogdanov. He has never hidden the fact that he belongs to this organization. Hundreds of people from different parts of the world gathered for celebration in Moscow. They included guests from France, Switzerland, the USA, Germany, Moldova, Armenia, Israel, Latvia Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania. According to available information several huge figures of modern masonry were also present. They include French and Austrian Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge as well as some guests from the United States such as Thomas Jackson and representative of New Washington Lodge Robert Heyat. It seems like anti-Russian sanctions has nothing in common with masonry.

The celebration included announcement of the Grand Master of Grand Russian Lodge. All Russian members of Assembly voted for Andrey Bogdanov. It means that he will manage the Grand Lodge for 5 following ears.
At the same time, new Grand Officers were elected during the Assembly. They include citizen of Nizhny Novgorod. His name is kept in secret at the moment. He was assigned on position of the Grand Inspector of Volga region. His main duties will include supervision of masonry actions in his region as well as support of creating Lodges in Samara and Kazan.

It appeared that mason lodges have been existing for several years in Volga region. Every lodge has its unique name. The first ever lodge in the region was founded in 2011. It is named St. righteous Theodore Ushakov. The head of Saransk lodge will manage a number of charitable projects of the Grand Russian Lodge.
Volga region masons take active part in various operations connected with so called additional degrees. They include Ancient Scottish and French Statutes, the Charter of the Egyptian "Memphis and Mizraim" as well as Royal Arch, which is managed by the Duke of Kent.

It should also be noted that Russian masons have already set several important targets which include creation of several lodges in Siberia and Far East as well as keep developing twinning relations along with public diplomacy.
It also appears that Russian masons were among co-founders of several lodges located in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. They are planning to create additional lodges in Kazakhstan, Belorussia and Kirgizia.

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