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Nissan Models Will be Manufactured on IzhAvto Plant in Russia

Factory is already producing Nissan Sentra and Nissan Tiidа.

24.Jun.15 5:23 PM
By Nataliya Klyachina


Nissan Models Will be Manufactured on IzhAvto Plant in Russia
New Nissan models will be manufactured on production capacities of Russian IzhAvto factory. The plant is already producing line of Nissan Sentra and Nissan Tiidа model series from the beginning of the current year.

There is no exact information regarding particular models that will be assembled on Russian factory. The information is top secret at the moment due to high level of competition on the automotive market. Manufacturing of new Nissan models has already been included in production plan of the plant.

Moreover IzhAvto wich is currently a separate division of AvtoVaz is planning to increase its production capacity by 43% up to 106,000 units.

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