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NIKA 2015: Final Results

Winners of NIKA Award have been officially announced yesterday on March 31st.

01.Apr.15 2:46 PM
By Yulia Anikina


NIKA 2015: Final Results
5 Russian movies were competing for prestigious NIKA award and were nominated for ”best film”.   They included:

1. “Leviathan” directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev;
2. “Hard to Be a God” directed by Aleksey German;
3. “The Postman's White Nights” directed by Andrei Konchalovsky;
4. “Test” directed by Alexander Kott;
5. “The Fool” directed by Yuri Bykov.

The winner in this nomination was film directed Aleksey German. “Hard to Be a God” movie managed to win the biggest number of awards and got “best movie” title.

Here is the list of all NIKA 2015 Award winners including films, directors and actors:

- Best film - “Hard to Be a God” directed by Aleksey German;
- Best Screenplay - “The Fool” directed by Yuri Bykov;
- Best actor – Leonid Yarmolnik (“Hard to Be a God”);
- Best actress – Yelena Lyadova (“Leviathan”);
- Best supporting actor – Roman Medyanov (“Leviathan”);
- Best supporting actress – Darya Moroz (“The Fool”);
- Best Cinematography – Vladimir Ilyin, Yuri Klimenko (“Hard to Be a God”);
- Best Production Design - Sergey Kokovkin, George Kropachёv, Elena Zhukova (“Hard to Be a God”);
- Best Costume Designer – Ekaterina Shapkayts (“Hard to Be a God”);
- Best Composer – Aleksey Aygi (“The Test”);
- Best Sound Mixing – Nikolay Astahov (“Hard to Be a God”);
- Best Film in CIS and Baltic States – “The Tribe” directed by Miroslav Slaboshpitsky);
- Best non-fiction film – “Koktebel Stones”;
- Best Animated Film – “My personal elk”;
- Opening of the Year – “Correction Class” (Ivan Tverdovsky);
- Honorary Award for "honor and dignity" – Liya Ahidzhakova;
- Honorary Award for “contribution in cinematographic science, critics and education” – Naum Kleyman.

It should also be noted that the first NIKA ceremony took place in December 1988 in Central House of Cinematography. Yuliy Gusman is not only the founder of this prestigious Russian movie award; he is also artistic director and host of the ceremony.

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