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New York ex-mayor Michael Bloomberg had a telephone talk with Trump

New York ex-mayor media tycoon Michael Bloomberg had a telephone talk with the elected president of the USA Donald Trump.

30.Nov.16 1:08 AM
By Anna Tuzova


New York ex-mayor Michael Bloomberg had a telephone talk with Trump
According to courses familiar with the discussion, this was “a very nice and long talk”. As indicated, the initiator of the talk was Bloomberg. According to the Politico, this was the first conversation between Trump and Bloomberg after the New York ex-mayor has supported Clinton in the elections.

The additional details of the conversations are not provided. Bloomberg’s spokesman hasn’t commented on the situation yet.
Michael Bloomberg considered standing for the election as the candidate of the “Third party”, that was not connected with the two main US parties – Democratic and Republican. The ex-mayor has stated that he wasn’t going to run for the presidency on March as it might lead to victory of republicans Donald Trump or Edward Cruz.

Media tycoon has claimed to support the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as well. As The New York Times pointed out, Bloomberg’s decision to support Clinton has served a manifestation of how the media tycoon was disagree with Trump’s policy.
To be reminded, the presidential elections were held on 8th March. The winner is the Republicans candidate Donald Trump, who has defeated the Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton. The new USA administration led by Trump will begin work after the inauguration of the new president on 20th January, 2017.

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