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New Year Holidays will be prolonged till the 11th of January for all Russians next year

Russians will get additional days off.

23.Aug.14 2:03 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


New Year Holidays will be prolonged till the 11th of January for all Russians next year
Ministry of Labor has introduced new project of transferring days off in the next year. According to this project Russians will be able to rest from the 1st till the 11th of January. At the same time they will also get 3 additional days off due to 23th of February (which is Defender of the Fatherland Day) and three days of on the 8th of March (International Women’s Day). This information was provided by Ministry of Labor media office.

Ministry of Labor reports that the main aim is to use working days and days off as efficiently as possible. That is why the 3rd and 4th of January will also be days off. They coincide with weekends. However, they will be transferred on the 9th of January and 4th of May. Such replacements will provide Russians with 11 day-vacation which coincides with the New Year and Christmas.

This project also provides Russians with 3-day vacation in February. It will coincide with Defender of the Fatherland Day. The same situation is in March. 3 days off will coincide with International Women’s Day. At the same time there will be 7 days off in May due to such holidays as Labor Day and Spring Holiday including additional 3-day vacation on the 9th of May which is Victory Day. Russians will also have additional days off in June due to Day of Russia and Day of National Unity in November.

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