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New Star is lighting over Russia

Lovejoy comet can be seen next to Pleiades star cluster.

19.Jan.15 9:31 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


New Star is lighting over Russia
Practically all Russian citizens will have a chance to witness spectacular astronomic performance which takes place after dark during these days. Green C/2014 Q2 comet can be seen in the night sky with a naked eye. It was discovered by an astronomer Terry Lovejoy in August 2014.

Experts of Novosibirsk Scientific Laboratory were able to make several photos of this comet. They also said that tis space guest has got closer to the orbit of Earth on the 13th of January. Now it is located on 73.8 million kilometer distance away from our planet.

Scientists pay attention to the fact that now Lovejoy comet which has already reached its 4th space size can be seen next to Pleiades star cluster. Then it will move closer to Aries constellation by the 30th of January and later move to the Sun as close as possible. For the rest of January the comet will make its way in direction of Cassiopeia constellation.

It should be noted that Russian will be able to watch this comet with the naked eye throughout only a week. All they need is to get away from big cities when it is already dark outside. This picturesque performance is available every day starting from 9 p.m. The comet can be seen in the Southern part of the horizon.

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