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New regulations for gas balancing system prepared in Italy

New rules have been approved by Italy’s power, gas and water regulator (AEEGSI) and from October, 1 market players must oblige them.

27.Jun.16 1:11 AM
By Vladimir Vasiliev


New regulations for gas balancing system prepared in Italy
The core issue is that market players must use short-term standardized products to balance daily positions. At the same time they will not be able to balance in advance as they can do now.

The market is known as MGAS and is going to be operated by Gestore die Mercati Energetici. All regular users are able to participate in the balancing process. While it will have to be done daily, the transactions can be made up to 30 days before and shipper also can let its requirements to be known of the same period. The storage sites using to perform physical operations will remain much the same.

It is estimated that the adjustments will cost Eur 0.108/MWh.

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