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New Project Management Capabilities

How to make the company's work more efficient?

04.May.18 6:54 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


New Project Management Capabilities
The activity of any enterprise involves a parallel course of a number of processes, without each of which the solution of everyday tasks would be inadequate. While managers are engaged in sales, the accountant reduces the balance, and the logistics department organizes deliveries. The more components in a particular company, the more projects are simultaneously in the work of an organization, the more difficult it is for the management to keep track of everything. To help institutions and firms come modern technology, allowing you to take control of all business processes.

So, we are talking about the project management system Scrum Time, which will help to organize the activity of the enterprise in the best way. This tool is remarkable in that it provides not only the presence of a task manager, but also simplifies the control of working groups, and also gives other possibilities.

An intuitive interface allows you to manage tasks with ease, spending a minimum of time. After all, as you know, time is a valuable resource that it would be inadmissible to waste. Now the whole workflow will be reflected on you only on one page, and the reports compiled with the help of the service will be as detailed as possible and giving you all the necessary information about the projects.

Being engaged in daily work planning, you will not be hampered by the function of estimating labor costs, as well as accounting for working time. You will have access to data about how quickly employees are coping with their tasks. By the way, the use of Google services will play an important role in this matter. Finally, it is worth mentioning about a convenient messenger, thanks to which you will constantly keep in touch with your employees. For this you can use not only the interface, but also the mobile application.

Within the management system, three types of projects are presented. Board in the style of Scrum is convenient for those who want to watch tasks within the boundaries of one screen. Characterized by work in a free mode. You can manage the system without prior training. The interface is very simple.

The Scrum format is distinguished by the presence of a variety of specific tools. You will need to familiarize yourself with them. After reading the instructions, you will get a lot of logic to manage your tasks.

The Kanban project is characterized by the creation of own task statuses. It is often used to manage interactions with customers.

Anyone wishing to improve the work of their company can choose the most suitable type of system. If you have any questions, please contact the managers for advice. They will help you choose the best solution for your business.

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