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John McAfee death was a suicide, autopsy confifms

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New malicious mining program for Apple devices detected

Dishonest market players again use the fact that decentralized mining is much cheaper than installing a farm and paying bills for electricity.

25.May.18 8:42 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


New malicious mining program for Apple devices detected
Since the beginning of this year, cases of remote mining from other people's devices, the so-called crypto-jacking, have become frequent. Analysts inform that this illegal type of mining has grown by 4000% in the first months of the new year. The news publication bitnovosti reports that this time the victims of scammers were the owners of Apple devices.

It is reported that the new dangerous program helps to extract digital coins Monero, as we have already written, they have a high level of anonymity, which makes them the "favorite" cryptocurrency of cybercriminals around the world.

One of the researchers of cybersecurity, Sandiford Oliver, says that cases of illegal mining using Alto Monco will only increase in parallel with the growth of the exchange value of this asset.

The virus software installed a program-trigger, masking it under the well-known Adobe Flashplayer installer. It was detected and recognized with the Malwarebytes Labs antivirus, Malwarebytes Labs specialists on their website kindly provided a link that contains all the necessary instructions for deleting a malicious file called "app launcher".

It is worth recalling that this month, anti-virus software companies also found a malicious program-crypticjacker WannaMine, which replaced the infamous WannaCry.

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