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New Legislation can make Flights More Complicated

Users will not be able to book tickets in advance.

10.Mar.15 7:24 PM
By Abigail Richards


New Legislation can make Flights More Complicated
According to new amendment which has been approved by the Russian government previous year the access to personal data of Russian citizens via Internet will be limited. In other words all personal information of Russian citizens should not come to third parties located away from the territory of Russian Federation. This data will not be transferred abroad. It means that people who want to purchase tickets online in advance will not have such opportunity.

It should be noted that new law will come into force starting from 1st of September 2015. That is why all Russian airlines are worried about future perspectives of such amendments.

Representatives of Russian airlines have already turned to the government in order to find solution to such unusual and from some point of view senseless situation. They have forwarded complain to Boris Titov who is authorized by the President for the rights of businessmen. Titov said that he is also worried about the situation. That is why this question is going to be revised and reviewed in the nearest future.

If nothing is changed and the law is still approved, it means that airline companies will not be able to sell tickets online. At the same time customers will not have the slightest chance to book flights in advance. It deals not only with online purchases but also with ticket windows as all airlines are using the same database.

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