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New Juke is cheaper than Its Predecessor

The official price of Nissan Juke has been officially announced.

12.Nov.14 6:06 AM
By Nataliya Klyachina


New Juke is cheaper than Its Predecessor
Nissan Juke has been officially presented on Geneva Auto Show. New model is equipped with 1.6 liter engine of two types. The first one will have 94 h.p. Another type will have 117 h.p. Consumers will also be offered additional modification which will have more powerful turbo-engine with 190 h.p.

Gas engine modification will come along with manual transmission. Modification with 117 h.p. engine will also be equipped by CVT. Both variants with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive will be available for consumers.

Basic modification will include different options such as front and side airbags, ABS, heating of seats, LED daytime running lights and CD audio system with AUX connection.

Various modifications of new model will be available. The most exciting about this car is the fact that basic modification is 10 thousand rubles cheaper in comparison with its predecessor. The starting price of new Nissan Juke is 685 thousand rubles.

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