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New Harmful Virus was detected in VKontakte

It stills money from users.

11.Mar.15 9:06 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


New Harmful Virus was detected in VKontakte
Specialists of Kaspersky laboratory have recently reported about new harmful online virus that is spreading via VKontakte social network. It acts in a dbagerous way for all Android users and still their money directly from gadgets.
Experts pay attention to the fact that new virus is extremely dangerous. It is rather efficient and functional. It is able to send messages on short numbers as well as answer on confirmation requests of completing purchase of paid services. At the same time it can avoid captcha systems and subscribes to paid services. Moreover harmful virus is able to start DDoS attack.

According to preliminary information more than 4 600 users’ gadgets have been already infected with this virus. They include users not only from Russia, but also from Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Representatives of Kaspersky Laboratory note that this harmful code is spread via VKontakte social network and its public groups that are created for this purpose. Visitors of such groups are offered downloading popular applications. However after download is completed, they get Trojan package instead of desired app. As soon as user launched application, Podec applies for administration rights. That is why neither user no antiviruses are able to delete harmful program. When administration rights are obtained, virus starts its harmful operation.

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