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New Gen Apparatus for Treating Cancer started Its Operation in Russia

Now tomography is also available for adult patients.

17.Feb.15 8:37 AM
By Anna Nekrasova


New Gen Apparatus for Treating Cancer started Its Operation in Russia
New gen apparatus for handling with tomography and therapy started its operation in Voronezh Inter-regional medical center of early cancer diagnosis and treatment. The information has been officially provided by Interfax.

This apparatus is used to proceed with early diagnosis and treatment of cancer. At the same time it is the first device in Russia which makes it possible to treat adult patients. The same apparatus is already used in Rogachev Children's Center of Hematology, Oncology and Immunology. However it is available only for kids. The information about purchase of such medical equipment appeared three years ago. However there was a lack of necessary spare parts and details. Now the apparatus is finally assembled and ready for usage.  

Tomotherapy is a brand new treatment method which has already proved to be very efficient when it comes to oncological diseases.  Integrated device makes it possible to visualize location of tumor and proceed with precision irradiation of the problem spot. The procedure is absolutely painless. At the same time the device affects the body in a minimum way. Moreover tissues which are close to a problem area are absolutely safe.

Specialists are sure that new method of treatment will make it possible to cure all types of cancer.

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