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New Bans will be Input for Russian Smokers

Deputies insist on new fees and bans.

17.Feb.15 8:42 AM
By Abigail Richards


New Bans will be Input for Russian Smokers
New bans can be input for Russian smokers. Russian Ministry of Health is sure that it is necessary to overview old measures as well as establish new fees and bans. At the same time representatives of the Ministry say that it is necessary to attract entrepreneurs to solve important social problems.

At the same time deputies offered to input additional bans and limitations for people who smoke. One of senators turned to public chamber with offer to place spots with alcohol and cigarettes not closer than 5 meters from the cashier. At the same time the official offered to input a ban on smoking in pedestrian zones, on bus-stops, near hospitals, children educational establishments, governmental institutions, hotels and restaurants. He says that smokers should not come closer than 15 meters to such establishments.

In addition there was an offer to increase the level of fees for smoking in forbidden areas.

It should also be noted that some officials were against such initiative. Tatyana Klimenko was among them. She said that it was not appropriate time for such drastic measures. She offered to proceed with thorough examination of already existing laws and limitations and move on only after the situation is clear.

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