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Net Inflow of Russian Capital is $156 Billion over the Last Week

Capital inflow is stable for three weeks in a row.

27.Apr.15 3:41 PM
By Elena Nekrasova


Net Inflow of Russian Capital is $156 Billion over the Last Week
The net capital inflow of funds which are oriented on Russian actives have reached the rate of $156 billion within a period from April 16 to 22. Such statistics has been officially provided by Emerging Portfolio Fund Research.

The capital inflow in Russian actives is stable for 3rd week in a row. This is rather positive change considering that the country suffered from a monthly outflow of the capital. The overall amount of funds attracted to Russian actives is $322.4 billion. Starting from 2015 the net inflow of capital is $427.7 billion.

At the same time capital inflow from CEEMEA region is only $0.2 billion. This region includes countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

It should also be noted that Russian stocks and bonds are still among leaders which attract the biggest part of capital. The overall amount of actives attracted to funds of ETF countries which are Russian-oriented is $141 billion according to information provided in the review.

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