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Nasdaq received a patent for Blockchain data matching system

The US Patent and Trademark Office awarded the Nasdaq exchange operator with a patent for a proposed system for data matching based on blockchain.

18.Oct.17 5:08 AM
By Daria Zaytseva


Nasdaq received a patent for Blockchain data matching system

First filed in February, the patent describes a data transfer and registration system, with a blockchain used to track trading and clearing positions. The application for a patent was originally published in August and was named as inventors by the Swedish Johan Toll and Fredrik Sjöblom.

According to the text of the patent, transactions within the system occur through a two-stage process. Each transaction is registered in two blocks: one that registers the transaction, because it comes from the source to the intermediary, and the second - through that intermediary to its destination.

The advantage of the system, the authors of patents declare, is that the blockchain can serve as a means of increasing the efficiency of the processes of clearing operations.

Nasdaq has filed several applications for intellectual property related to blockchain, including a proposed method of backing up the exchange system based on blockchain. Indeed, the rate of patent applications related to technology in general has grown significantly in the past year.

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