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NASA found Russian failed LUNA-25 probe's crash site

A 10-metres wide crater is what's left of the first attempt since 1976

03.Sep.23 7:08 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo NASA


NASA found Russian failed LUNA-25 probe's crash site
NASA has discovered a new crater on the moon. The American space agency suggests that the crater most likely resulted from a recent crash of a Russian lunar lander on the moon.

The Russian lunar spacecraft, Luna-25, crashed on the moon on August 19. NASA captured satellite photos of the same area of the moon on August 24 using the LRO spacecraft. In comparison to previous photos from June of the previous year, NASA identified a new small crater.

After conducting an investigation, the LRO team concluded that the crater was most likely caused by the crash of the Russian Luna-25. Natural causes seem unlikely.

The crater measures 10 meters in diameter. According to NASA's research, the crater is approximately 400 kilometres away from where the Russian lunar lander was supposed to land originally.

The Luna-25 crashed due to an engine malfunction. The engines were supposed to burn for precisely 84 seconds to put the spacecraft in orbit around the moon. Instead, the engines burned for 127 seconds, resulting in the Luna-25 entering a lower moon orbit and crashing unexpectedly onto the lunar surface.

The last time Russia successfully landed on the moon was in 1976 with the Luna-24 mission, during the time of the Soviet Union. The team behind that moon landing largely consisted of Ukrainian scientists.

Apart from the Soviet Union, only the United States, China, and India have managed to safely and deliberately reach the moon's surface.

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