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Naftogaz Ukraine will be bankrupt if you lose to Gazprom in an international court

The company will have to sell all the assets and go into debt.

22.Mar.17 11:29 PM
By Catherine Brooke


Naftogaz Ukraine will be bankrupt if you lose to Gazprom in an international court
Wednesday, March 22, it was reported that in case of loss of Naftogaz to Gazprom in the Stockholm court, Ukrainian gas company will go bankrupt. The company will not be able to repay those debts, which are stated in the claim of the Russian side.

If you believe the experts, Naftogaz, to pay off all debts and expenses will have to sell assets and declare bankruptcy. However, even this is not enough to repay. With this agreement, and in the organization itself. However, the leadership noted that Ukraine as a state will not suffer.

Recall that a court in Stockholm is scheduled for the end of April. Then the case will be heard under the gas contract. To make a decision on a transit agreement the international court of justice will be in June. In Naftogaz" confident that despite the courts, the contract with Gazprom will operate in the working mode until the end until 2019.

We will remind that Gazprom and Naftogaz have started suing back in June 2014 due to the transit of gas through Ukraine and gas supplies from the Russian Federation. The claims originated in 2009 with the onset of these contacts. Gazprom wants the Ukrainian partner will pay all fines for contract violations, while Naftogaz wants to get from the Russian side to lift a ban on the resale of gas, change the price of gas "retroactively" and to compensate losses due to the gas prices, which have not been revised at the request of Ukraine.

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