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Most Russians oppose cutting spending on space exploration

And some even believe that it is worth spending more.

12.Apr.16 11:44 AM
By Daria Abushaeva


Most Russians oppose cutting spending on space exploration
More than 70% of the population are against reducing spending on the space program even in times of difficult economic situation in the country. This is evidenced by the results of a poll conducted by all-Russian center for public opinion research (VTSIOM).

According to the study, 56% of residents speak out against cutting funds from the state Treasury to the exploration of space, and 17% of respondents even support the increase in these costs. The reduction of funding voted by 21% of Russians, 6% response to this question caused difficulties.

In addition, nearly half of voters, namely 48%, in favour of Russia became the first state whose astronauts will go to Mars. Moreover, 8% of respondents believe it is a necessary event. This is stated in the study. Less ambitions of our fellow citizens on the flight to Venus: 54% of respondents do not find it an important task for Russia.

According to the head of Department socially-political researches of the center of Cyril's birthplace, the survey results show a desire of Russian citizens to feel themselves as a whole.

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