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Moscow refinances debt of Minsk for $ 800 million

Belarus needs for gas and for oil.

05.Apr.17 2:37 AM
By Catherine Brooke


Moscow refinances debt of Minsk for $ 800 million

Moscow refinances debt of Minsk for $ 800 million

On Tuesday, April 4, it became known that Russia has agreed to refinance the debts of Belarus in the amount of 750-800 million US dollars. The journalists said the Deputy Chairman of the Republic of Belarus Vasily Matyushevsky.

He noted that we are talking about the current debt on bilateral loans. Together with interest Belarus owes Russia up to $ 800 billion is only the current obligations.

The decision to refinance has been made, now representatives of both sides discuss the details and carry it all on paper. How will this happen in reality, is unclear.

Incidentally, a day earlier, the Chairman of the Russian government Arkady Dvorkovich said that only for gas Minsk owes Moscow 726 million dollars. At the same time, there is ongoing debate on the oil contract.

We will remind, dispute between Russia and Belarus broke out in the autumn of last year, when the volumes of oil supplies has decreased due to the fact that the neighboring country is not able to fully pay for the supplied gas. Belarus has threatened Russia that it would begin to buy oil in Iran, and, according to media reports, the first delivery was even made. However, to the discussion of the question of Lukashenka and Putin returned Monday, April 3. Basic agreement, according to both sides, was achieved.

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