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Morocco. Jeans tomorrow

Leaving behind numerous fashion trends for many years, and despite competition, long familiar to all denim is experiencing a rebirth. Shop "Denim Premier Vision 2017" in Paris gathered 84 participants from 19 countries representing all sectors of the international denim fashion.

03.May.17 3:14 AM
By Christina Orlina


Morocco. Jeans tomorrow
Revolution was the main theme of the exhibition, which presented new trends, innovations and technologies that define the future of denim. Being one of the largest producers of textiles on the African continent, Morocco is among the most prominent exhibitors this year. 13% of all the companies belong to the best Moroccan producers of denim, selected by the Moroccan centre for export promotion “Maroc Export”.

Serge Morin, head of the delegation of the Moroccan pavilions at the Paris exhibition said: “Before the cluster has two main objectives: firstly, improving the quality that will open the Moroccan denim the way to the international market where it is yet, and second – the search for solutions, for which we created a Bureau of innovation and development that will help to make this industry less harmful to the environment.”

Under the new strategy of the textile industry, manufacturers of jeans Moroccan adopting “green” technology. The company NewWash has released a new line of women's jeans “Koala”, using innovative technologies. Priority should be accorded responsibility for the environment in the production of jeans.

The production of denim fabrics is one of the least eco-friendly industries. To promote the production of environmentally friendly denim, Moroccan Agency of development and investment in collaboration with French designer Francois grebo has released a collection of “Clean planet”, which is 100% Moroccan used the technology of production of denim, the most environmentally friendly thanks to recycled denim with the help of laser technology.

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