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More than a Half of all Russian Pet-Shops may be closed

Demand in such types of products has decreased over the last few months.

03.Mar.15 11:58 AM
By Abigail Richards


More than a Half of all Russian Pet-Shops may be closed
More than 50% of all Russian pet-shop[s may be closed in the nearest future. Experts say that such situation in poor economy at the moment. It caused decrease of demand in different types of goods and products for pets. Such consequences can lead to the fact that more than a half of all Russian pet-shops may disappear from the market in the nearest future.

It should also be noted that sales volume has decreased by 70%. This is due to increase of primary price of imported products and goods for pets including foods and others. This is why demand is decreasing all the time. Experts are sure that Russians will simply keep saving money and avoid buying different products for their pets. They may include different toys, clothes and other things which are not obligatory for their beloved friends.

At the same time crisis also influences on idea to purchase a pet. Those Russians who were ready to buy a dog or a cat few months ago are not ready for such costs due to economic situation in the country. For example, level of dog’s sales has become 203 times lower. Moreover some kennels stopped breeding large dogs such as rottweilers, Caucasian Shepherds and other large breeds. Speaking about small breeds they are still in demand. However the price of such pets has increased a lot. This is why not everyone is able to afford buying them.

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