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More than 70% of the tokens were not placed on the crypto-exchange markets

And they may not appear.

28.Jun.18 9:24 PM
By Jeff Bannister


More than 70% of the tokens were not placed on the crypto-exchange markets
More than 70% of the tokens, developed in 2018 for ICO, have not been placed on stock exchanges. This is reported by ICO-rating in its latest report. Analysts noted that the organizers of the ICO are experiencing significant financing problems. Owners of tokens, in turn, need to place assets on crypto-exchange exchanges.

Experts believe that these tokens may never appear on crypto-exchange platforms because of a number of problems. There are 250 exchange-traded exchanges in the world and all of them when adding tokens in the listing, set high prices from 100 thousand to 3 million dollars and constantly raise the requirements for projects. To add tokens to the listing, the ICO organizers must successfully complete the campaign and sell all the issued tokens.

Otherwise, the demand for them will be low, and the exchanges are not interested in this. In 2018, only 22% of ICO projects have obtained permission to place tokens. In general, the listing of tokens, taking into account the checks, takes about 21 days, provided that the audit is performed on the vulnerability. However, only one ICO this year passed without critical vulnerabilities. In almost every project, specialists found at least three critical vulnerabilities

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