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More than 5 000 people have taken part in Running Marathon in Savor , Russia

It was really fun and interesting.

23.Sep.14 12:45 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


More than 5 000 people have taken part in Running Marathon in Savor , Russia
Annual celebration of “Running Day” has taken place in Sarov on the 20th of September. More than 5 000 participants have taken part in traditional marathon. The information was provided by media office of Sarov City Administration in Nizhny Novgorod region.

This is already 8th event which is devoted to the holiday called “Running Day“. There were more than 300 children from local kindergartens as well as more than 100 of their teachers among participants. At the same time about three thousand pupils have also taken part in the celebration along with students of medical colleges, military divisions and other educational establishments. Sports veterans and representatives of large enterprises were also present at this event. Those who prefer active way of time spending have not faced any difficulties in completing the whole running distance which was appropriate for all ages.

At the same time special VIP-running competitions have also taken place. They have already become traditional part of the celebration. The Head of Sarov City Administration Valery Dimitrov has taken part in the VIP marathon together with his deputy and the Head of the City Alexey Golubev.

We should also mention that 88th traffic and field relay has taken place in Nizhny Novgorod on the 21st of September on Minin Street. This event is dedicated to celebration of the holiday which is called “Running of the Nation-2014”.

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