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Moody's: recession in Russia will affect the ratings of CIS countries

Most of them will be saved negative predictions.

10.May.16 11:26 AM
By Daria Abushaeva


Moody's: recession in Russia will affect the ratings of CIS countries
The recession in the Russian economy will negatively affect the sovereign ratings of some countries of the CIS in the next two years. This is stated in the message of international rating Agency Moody's.

According to the Agency, most of the CIS countries, namely five of the nine hold negative predictions, which could lead to a decline in their sovereign ratings in the near future.

According to the expert rating Agency Kristin Lindow, the economy, the sector of Finance, as well as the budgets of these States will be as before depend on low oil prices. That is not to give rise to the sovereign ratings of these countries over the next two years.

At the end of the previous month, the international Agency affirmed Russia's rating at the level of Ba1 with a negative Outlook. The latest forecast from Moody's for our country, it follows that the gross domestic product of Russia may fall by the end of the current year by half a percent and the budget deficit can be reduced by half.

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