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Moody’s agency experts say that new agreement with China create new opportunities for Russia

These agreements will let Russia be less dependent on European markets.

03.Sep.14 3:22 PM
By Dima Z.


Moody’s agency experts say that new agreement with China create new opportunities for Russia
Specialists of the Moody’s international agency have made their report. In this report they share their opinion about the fact that gas and oil agreements between Russian Federation and China that have been made during the last 15 month will open new horizons for Russia. Country will get additional opportunities for its further development. At the same time this will help to attract new sources of investment. At the same time experts are sure that these agreements will also let Russia be less dependent from European markets which are threatening with new sanctions.

Specialists of the Moody’s agency also pay attention to the fact that that in spite of GPD decrease in China its level is still much higher in comparison with Europe. By the way, demand in Russian gas in Europe has also decrease starting from 2009. China will help to develop financial and gas and oil branches in Russia. Long term gas supply agreements with already indicated volumes of gas and oil consumption will have a positive effect on the overall development of the country in future. The same thing is with access to Chinese financial institutions. All this will help to create good environment for development of gas and oil branch and its infrastructure.

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