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Molnupiravir is a welcome addition but some limitations do exist

Merck comes with a drug that may lower casualties and hospitalisations

05.Oct.21 7:14 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Molnupiravir is a welcome addition but some limitations do exist
Virologists are happy with the new drug molnupiravir in the fight against corona, but have reservations about it. The first studies by the American manufacturer Merck indicate that the number of coronavirus deaths and hospitalisations can be significantly reduced.

The results encouraging and the drug  are a welcome addition, but there are limitations. For example, medication must begin within five days of the onset of symptoms.

Before you have made a diagnosis, it can still be a few days away. But you also don't want to give the cure until you know if someone has COVID.

An important benefit is that molnupiravir is available in pill form and is not infused into the body like remdesivir. This makes administration much easier, but he also notes that the medicine should be taken as early as possible.

In order to combat resistance, combination therapy of antiviral agents is actually recommended. This is also how it works with anti-HIV medicines, for example. Those remedies are not yet available against SARS, although they are being worked on. When molnupiravir comes on the market as a separate product, it should be used primarily among the risk groups: the elderly, people with underlying suffering and people whose vaccines do not work sufficiently.

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