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Moldova announced the creation of the first crypto-exchange in the country

The site will operate without the permission of the National Bank of Moldova.

15.May.18 11:44 AM
By Irina Kostikova


Moldova announced the creation of the first crypto-exchange in the country
In Moldova there was the first in the state crypto-exchange market. This was announced during the conference "The World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit Chisinau (WBCSummit Chisinau)", held in Chisinau.

Crypto-exchange "Drachmae Market" was created on the initiative of the Association of Digital and Distributed Technologies of Moldova. It should be noted that at the moment there is virtually no regulation of the crypto-currency market in the country. For this reason, the site will operate without requesting a permit from the National Bank of Moldova. In this case, the exchange will report to the financial regulator on the implementation of remittances. In addition, it is responsible for compliance with anti-money laundering norms. The activities of the site as a whole should not contradict state laws.

At present, several digital currencies are represented on the first Moldovan crypto-exchange, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as fiat money - Moldovan leu, Russian ruble, US dollar and euro.

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