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Modern Tech has disappeared with 660 million dollars

The Vietnamese crypto currency company has deceived 32,000 people.

12.Apr.18 3:55 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


Modern Tech has disappeared with 660 million dollars
The information portal informs about the incident at Vietnam's crypto currency market, Modern Tech Corporation attracted more than $ 660 million into its projects and disappeared.

Modern Tech positioned itself as the official representative of the two digital currencies Ifan and Pincoin, in the course of their activities, scammers conducted two first coin placement. Ifan's tokens were to be used for transactions within the social network of the same name, which Modern Tech's leadership positioned as a platform for communication with famous artists and show business stars. Digital coins Pincoin should have been used as an investment opportunity, for participating in their ICO promised fabulous profits - up to 40% per month. Also, the fraudulent company used network marketing elements to work with its investors; they offered an 8 percent commission for each new participant involved.

The first questions began to arise with investors when Modern Tech stopped paying commissions with real money and replaced them with tokens that people could not cash out. After a while, people began to understand that they invested their money in a fraudulent project, but there was no one to file a claim. At the weekend, the owners of the office, which occupied Modern Tech, came out to the investors who gathered near the company building and demanded to return the money spent and announced that the company had refused to rent about a month ago.

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