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Mobile application Revolut adds Litecoin, Ether Trading

Mobile banking startup Revolut adds litecoin and ether trading to its application-based service.

06.Dec.17 1:03 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Mobile application Revolut adds Litecoin, Ether Trading

The transition to the addition of new cryptocurrency options follows the integration of the bitcoin support company in July last year, having completed a $66 million Series B funding round.

Chief Executive Officer Nikolai Storonsky said on Tuesday that all buyers would be able to start trading in the new offerings on Thursday, according to TechCrunch.

In addition, the cryptocurrencies holdings of users will act as a backup for their Revolut debit card. Effectively, if the user finishes the fiat currency when making a payment, the application will automatically converts the appropriate amount of a digital currency to compensate for the deficit.

Currently, Revolut offers digital banking services, as well as card payment services through Mastercard. Users will be able to use any of the 25 supported fiat currencies to purchase cryptocurrencies in the application.

Revolut is the second mobile payments company that announced enhanced support for cryptocurrency in the last week, with Abra launching support for ethereum last Tuesday.

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