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Mithril Cryptocurrency: Secrets of Growth and Prospects for the Future

The digital token of the year 2018 has all chances to break out into the leaders.

10.May.18 1:04 AM
By Anna Bezrukova


Mithril Cryptocurrency: Secrets of Growth and Prospects for the Future
Mithril is a digital token developed in 2018, referring to a decentralized network with the same name. The main feature of this digital currency is that. That it immediately, immediately after its creation, began active growth. So, in just a day its cost has increased by more than 150%. And today the growth trend continues.

The reason for the positive dynamics is that Mithril appeared on the revolutionary platform MAX. A few earlier, the cryptocurrency was included in the listing of the OKEx exchange - the most significant digital asset on the market. Not many digital currencies managed to achieve such success so quickly. All this inspires confidence in the project, speaks about the seriousness of the plans of its developers and the stability of investments.

In the future, the platform organizers want to create the necessary conditions for that. So that users can spend tokens in various services - shops, dating resources, channels and others related to Mithril. Also, developers are hatching a plan to create their exchange, where it will be possible to exchange Mithril for bitcoin or ether.

In the second quarter of this year, they will launch a full version of Lit, create their purse (it will be started in the second half of 2018). And at the end of this year, the creators of the cryptocurrency will begin developing a platform for trade.

In early 2019, the developers will begin work on the transition to their blockade. The organizers plan to complete this process in the second quarter of the same year.

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