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Missing Child from Nizhny Novgorod Was Found dead

His parents say that he died two months ago.

11.Jun.15 5:57 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Missing Child from Nizhny Novgorod Was Found dead
Dead body of missing baby from Nizhny Novgorod was found by investigators on the balcony of his parents’ flat. At the moment forensics and commission experts are trying to indicate the exact reason of 8-month baby’s death. The incident has taken place in Sechenovsky district, Nizhniy Novgorod.

According to available information provided by Police Department father of 6-month baby was arrested during investigation of this incident. At the moment he is the main suspect of the crime. The investigation still continues.
It is also known that the body of the dead baby was found on the balcony of his parents’ flat. When the body was eventually found, investigators have not noticed any signs of violence. This is mainly due to the fact that he was dead for a long time already. The only way to identify true reasons of death is forensics.

Parents of dead child said that he died at the beginning of April 2015 which resulted in accident. But they decided not to bury him but to leave on the balcony. Experts of Investigation Committee are looking into this case in order to determine all aspects of the incident. They also check parents’ testimony whether they are true.

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